July 24 , 2006 - Dahr Jamail speaks with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Dahr provides a description of Beruit the day after he arrives. He describes the bombing and the anger of the Lebanese both at the Israelis and the US.

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July 25 , 2006 - Dahr Jamail speaks with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

In this five minute clip, Dahr Jamail reports from the Hospitals in Beruit. He describes evidence of the use of white phosphorus and cluster bombs by the Israelis against the Lebonese. Dahr Jamail has spoken to some of the doctors that are working in Beruit. One doctor said that 55% of all of the casualties in Beruit were 15 years or younger and that 30% of all of the casualties from the Israeli attacks are dying. The doctor explained the high percentage of deaths being due to new weapons being used by Israel.

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